Privacy Policy
The Leal Rios Foundation is firmly committed to the protection of privacy and rights of data subjects in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Regulation 2016/679 approved by the European Parliament and Council – as well as any other applicable national legislation regarding privacy and data protection.

As such, we disclose the way Leal Rios Foundation processes your data as well as your rights as data Subject:
1. Which entity is responsible for processing your data, and whom should you contact concerning this subject?
Leal Rios Foundation
Rua do Centro Cultural 17B
1700-106 Lisboa
Telephone: +351 210 998 623
E-mail: [email protected]
FAO Data Protection Representative.

As data subject you have the right to access your personal data at any time and to request information about how the Leal Rios Foundation processes it, as well as to ask for its rectification or completion, whenever it is incorrect or incomplete, its erasure, or to restrict its processing and ask for its portability, meaning that you may ask Leal Rios Foundation to hand over to you your data in a structured and automatic reading format.

You may also object to the processing of your data, unless it is necessary for the fulfilment of contractual and legal obligations by our institution, i.e. issuing receipts, invoices or equivalent documents, in compliance with tax-reporting obligations arising from the Foundation’s activity: the loaning of works of art, the purchase and sale of works of art, other services or fundraising activities, among others.

When admitted and you withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, it will be deleted from our system.

Complaints can be filled with the national supervisory authority, the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de dados (CNPD), at Rua de São Bento, nº148, 3º, 1220-181 Lisboa, telephone number 213 928 400 and email: [email protected]
2. What personal data we collect and how we process it?
a) identification and contact details: Title, Name and Surname, Address, Country of residence, Nationality, Telephone and mobile phone number, e-mail address, taxpayer number (only in specific situations described below);
b) professional data: company, position;
c) curricular data concerning our employees and job applicants;
d) video surveillance images collected by the existing security systems in the facilities of the Leal Rios Foundation, for the safekeeping of persons and goods.

Leal Rios Foundations collects data directly, through several channels:
a) when you sign up on our website www.lealriosfoundation.com, when you give us your personal card to one of our employees with the intention of seeing such data processed by us, when you send us an email or SMS or when you fill in the form where you expressly declare your intention of integrating our database, and other means;
b) whenever you lend or borrow works of art from us;
c) whenever you buy or sell works of art to us;
d) whenever one applies for a position with us;
e) whenever you apply for prizes or grants awarded by us;
f) following professional contacts for the provision of services by us, namely training and space rental;
g) in the context of fundraising initiatives.

In specific cases, the Leal Rios Foundation may indirectly collect data from public sources, such as the press and institutional websites. When this happens we will be responsible for providing all the information regarding the processing of this data to its holders at the earliest opportunity.
Data is processed on paper or electronically by the employees of our institution, always in the scope of their functions and under the terms defined by the applicable legislation.
Leal Rios Foundation does not transfer your personal data to third parties, unless this proves to be necessary for the provision of the services you have engaged or for compliance with our legal obligations related to our activity, namely, loans, purchase or sale of works of art, education or space rental.

Whenever these conditions apply, the Leal Rios Foundation ensures that appropriate technical and organisational measures are taken, ensuring that subcontractors meet the applicable legal requirements and provide adequate data protection guarantees.

The Leal Rios Foundation may also be legally bound to transmit personal data to public and private entities, such as the Tax and Customs Administration, Social Security Institute, insurance institutions, accounting offices, transportation service providers or others.

Transmission to countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area will only occur when necessary in the context of contractual obligations, to comply with orders or requests issued by the data holder, and always with their consent.

Leal Rios Foundation uses technical and organisational solutions, assuring data subjects the protection of their information, always in observance of the principles of lawfulness, loyalty, transparency, limitation of purposes, minimisation of data, accuracy, limitation of conservation, integrity, confidentiality and liability, in the terms defined in article 5 of the GDPR, protecting them against the diffusion, loss, misuse, alteration and unauthorised access. We do not interrelate personal data and do not make decisions solely on the basis of automatic data processing, namely profile definition.
3. For what purposes do we process your data and on what legal basis do we process it?
We collect your personal data for various purposes, including:
a) sending invitations and listing the participants in the events promoted by the Leal Rios Foundation, individually or in partnership with other institutions;
b) sending information on activities developed, promoted or participated by the Leal Rios Foundation, individually or in partnership with other institutions;
c) mailing our newsletters;
d) clarification of doubts and sending information requested by email, by telephone or through our website;
e) communications related to our activity, namely, loans, purchase or sale of works of art, services provided or partnerships established with other institutions;
f) recruitment and selection of human resources, allowing for a careful selection of the Foundation’s staff;
g) enrolment in training courses, conferences, talks, and other similar activities developed by us;
h) applications for prizes or grants awarded by us, allowing for a proper analysis of the applicants’ work;
i) invoicing and management accounting, always in compliance with the institution’s legal obligations.
j) the protection of persons and goods in our facilities, in the case of the images collected using video surveillance equipment.

The purposes mentioned in points a) to d) are based on the legitimate interest of the Leal Rios Foundation to pursue the artistic and cultural objectives defined in its statutes, in particular the promotion and dissemination of the plastic arts (painting, sculpture, photography, video and/or performance art), and the design (product, graphic, communication and/or fashion) representative of the movements that constitute the panorama of the arts and design of the XX and XXI centuries, promoting various events and activities in order to achieve these ends. In all other cases, the processing of customer data is based on the execution of contracts of which the data subjects are a party, or for pre-contractual procedures at the request of the data holders and in accordance with the legal obligations to which the Leal Rios Foundation is subject to.
4. Deadlines for data maintenance
Data is kept for the period of time strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it is collected, always in compliance with our legal obligations and with the principle of data minimisation:
a) sending invitations and promoting our activities: until the data holder requests their data to be erased from our database.
b) invoicing and accounting management: 10 years;
c) protection of persons and goods: 30 days;
d) recruitment and selection: 2.5 years from the date of application or submission of your C.V. and while the employment contract is active.
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