Presentation & Goals
FLR – Fundação Leal Rios is a Portuguese institution governed by private law whose main goals are the dissemination, upkeep, preservation and promotion of works and artists represented in the contemporary art collection, which brothers Manuel and Miguel Rios have been assembling since 2002. Miguel Leal Rios has taken on the role of curator and director of the institution since 2012, date of its foundation. Located in Lisbon, the Leal Rios Foundation collection is accessible to the public through temporary exhibitions, events and complementary activities, such as workshops and talks, in order to contribute to a better understanding and knowledge of national and international contemporary art.

Among the many Portuguese artists represented in the collection we can find an important group of works by not only Helena Almeida (b. 1934), pioneer in photographic and conceptual art, but also other authors such as Lourdes Castro (b. 1930) founder of the KWY Group in Paris, whose most recognizable works are made from shadows and silhouettes; Julião Sarmento (1948-2021), a fundamental author, who since the 1970s has been using multiple media with a rare visual and conceptual coherence; and also emerging artists such as Joana Escoval (b. 1982) and André Romão (b. 1984).

The collection also includes important groups of works by international artists such as Erwin Wurm (b. 1954, AT), Matt Mullican (b. 1951, US), Cristina Iglesias (b. 1956, ES), Muhau Modisakeng (b. 1986, ZA), Lawrence Weiner (b. 1942, US), Jorinde Voigt (b. 1977, DE), Joël Andrianomearisoa (b. 1977, MG), Becky Beasley (b. 1975, GB) or Tristan Perich (n. 1982, US).

In addition to more conventional media such as painting, sculpture, drawing or photography, the collection is particularly devoted to video, installation and time-based media languages.
Manuel Leal Rios (President) & Miguel Rios (Director | Curator) — 24 March Opening — copyright © Fundação Leal Rios
Photography Helena Peralta
Since 2016, Fundação Leal Rios has integrated two reputed contemporary art data bases of international relevance - BMW guide and Larry's List - thus constituting a landmark in the recognition of this collection relevance in the international panorama of private art collectors.

The numerous loans of artworks to institutions around the world are also a way of accomplishing our mission with a universal dimension.
The Leal Rios Foundation building is located in the center of Lisbon, in the Alvalade district, in a rehabilitated industrial area dating back to the 1940s/50s. The interior area of the building is over 1000m². It was an old car workshop, restored by the Portuguese architect Alexandre Marques Pereira under the design and idea of Miguel Leal Rios. The building's rehabilitation was carried out to house an exhibition gallery, a video room, four small warehouses, an office, a library and other facilities, in order to fulfil the preservation and exhibition of the contemporary art collection within the scope of museological needs.
Leal Rios Foundation — Exhibition Room (ground floor) — copyright © Fundação Leal Rios
Photography João Biscainho
Leal Rios Foundation — Racks Room — copyright © Fundação Leal Rios
Photography João Biscainho
Artists represented in the
Leal Rios Foundation collection
Portuguese Artists
Almeida, Helena (Lisboa, 1934)
Araújo, Vasco (Lisboa, 1975)
Bilbao, Ana Mary (Lisboa, …..)
Blaufuks, Daniel (Lisboa, 1963)
Cabrita Reis, Pedro (Lisboa, 1956)
Calhau, Fernando (Lisboa, 1948 – Lisboa, 2002)
Castro, Lourdes (Funchal, 1930)
César, Filipa (Porto, 1975)
Chafes, Rui (Lisboa, 1966)
Costa, Luís Paulo (Abrantes, 1968)
Croft, José Pedro (Porto, 1957)
Escada, José (Lisboa, 1939 – Lisboa, 1980)
Feliciano, João Paulo (Caldas da Rainha, 1963)
Ferreira, Ângela (Maputo, 1958)
Jacinto, Ricardo (Lisboa, 1975)
Lisboa, Paulo (……………)
Lapa, Álvaro (Évora, 1939 – Porto, 2006)
Lopes, Adelina (Braga, 1970)
Loureiro, José (Mangualde, 1961)
Louro, João (Lisboa, 1963)
Malhão, Daniel (Lisboa, 1971)
Mendes Silva, Susana (Lisboa, 1972)
Nozolino, Paulo (Lisboa, 1955)
Onofre, João (Lisboa, 1976)
Penalva, João (Lisboa, 1949)
Pimentão, Diogo (Lisboa, 1973)
Pomar, Júlio (Lisboa, 1926)
Rego, Paula (Lisboa, 1935)
Sanches, Rui (Lisboa, 1954)
Sarmento, Julião (Lisboa, 1948)
Sousa, Ângelo de (Maputo, 1938 – Porto, 2011)
Toscano, Rui (Lisboa, 1970)
Tropa, Francisco (Lisboa 1968)
Foreign Artists
Andrianomearisoa, Joël (Antananarivo, 1977)
Andersson, Christian (Estocolmo, 1973)
Baldessari, John (National City, CA, USA, 1931)
Bandau, Joachim (Colónia, 1936)
Beasley, Becky (Portsmouth, UK, 1975)
Biberstein, Michael (Solothurn, Suíça, 1948 – Alandroal, Alentejo, 2013)
Bulloch, Angela (Rainy River, Ont, Canada, 1966)
Detanico e Lain (Angela Detanico, Caxias do Sul, Brasil, 1974) e (Rafael Lain,
Caxias do Sul,Brasil, 1973)
Dias & Riedweg (Mauricio de Mello Dias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1964) e (Walter Stephan Riedweg,
Luzern, Switzerland, 1955)
Doll, Tatjana (Burgsteinfurt, Alemanha, 1970)
Frey, Max (Graz, Austria, 1976)
Hornig, Sabine (Alemanha, 1964)
Iglesias, Cristina (San Sebastián, Espanha, 1956)
John Wood and Paul Harrison (John Wood, Hong Kong, 1969) e (Paul Harrison, Wolverhampton, Inglaterra, 1966)
McCall, Anthony (St. Paul’s Cray, Inglaterra, 1946)
Milhé, Nicolas (Bordeaux, França, 1974)
Monk, Jonathan (Leicester, Inglaterra, 1969)
Moriceau, Benoît-Marie (Poitiers Vit, França, 1980)
Mullican, Matt (Santa Monica, California, 1951)
Muntadas, Antoni (Barcelona, Espanha, 1942)
Rennó, Rosângela (Belo Horizonte, Brasil, 1962)
Restiffe, Mauro (São José do Rio Pardo, Brasil, 1970)
Saura, António (Huesca, Espanha, 1930 – Cuenca, Espanha, 1998)
Sekula, Allan (Pennsylvania, EUA, 1951 – 2013)
Skaer, Lucy (Cambridge, Inglaterra, 1975)
Timmermans, Ante (Ninove, Bélgica, 1976)
Voigt, Jorinde (Frankfurt, Alemanha, 1977)
Weiner, Lawrence (New York, EUA, 1942)
Whettnall, Sophie (Bruxelas, Bélgica, 1973)
Wurm, Erwin (Bruck an der Mur, Austria, 1954)
Management Board
Manuel Leal Rios
Ana Isabel Rios
Vice Chairman
Miguel Rios
Director \ Curator
All Rights Reserved © 2021 Leal Rios Foundation