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FLR – Fundação Leal Rios is a Portuguese institution governed by private law whose main goals are the dissemination, upkeep, preservation and promotion of works and artists represented in the contemporary art and design collection, which brothers Manuel and Miguel Rios have assembled over the last twelve years. Located in Lisbon, in a space specifically adapted for this purpose, the public will be able to view the collection through temporary exhibitions, events and publications. The Fundação Leal Rios programme also includes additional learning activities to support a better understanding and appreciation of both national and international art and design.

Therefore, Art and design are the core assets of this foundation, chaired by Manuel Rios and in which Miguel Rios, designer, has the role of director and curator.

Because art does not live unless it is enjoyed and design does not survive unless it is used, FLR intends to open its doors to give the city and all who visit it the opportunity to discover its collection, which includes works by some of the most renowned and also some of the best up-and-coming Portuguese and foreign artists and designers of today. At a difficult moment for Portugal and the rest of the world, we intend to share this project, seeking to keep the spirit of initiative alive, believing that the creative power of the works that comprise the FLR collection will surely bring to Lisbon and the country as a whole another view of the relationship that can be established between art, artists and the role of the collector.

The different annual schedules will feature above all the contemporary art collection of the Fundação Leal Rios, focused on the holding of temporary exhibitions. Workshops will be arranged in the field of art and design and special editions will also be published. The annual schedule of events will be announced at the beginning of each season (in September).

Manuel Leal Rios


Ana Isabel Rios

(Vice Chairman)

Miguel Rios

(Director \ Curator)

João Biscainho

(Assistant Curator)

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